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Kaheawai is a digital designer that creates ease for users.

Impact-Site-Verification: 3b180349-e6cb-4fee-b949-5be832e6bffc I'm currently a Digital Designer and No-code Developer at Legit Studio. I'm passionate about empowering brands to digitally serve their users through thoughtful design. With a background in advertising and a concentration in design from the University of Oregon, I've developed my skills through self-teaching and formal education.

I have a knack for design systems, user interface design, branding, and no-code development. Throughout my career, I've led and delivered four, 0 to 1 design experiences across diverse domains such as health, nonprofit, real estate, and education. I approach my work with design thinking principles, cross-functional product development, and a focus on scalability to deliver sustainable solutions and collaborative processes that yield impactful results.

I'm excited about the intersection of design and technology and look forward to using my skills and experience to create meaningful digital experiences that inspire and connect users with brands.

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An image of Kaheawai with his friend on an extension bridge.An image of Kaheawai in Antwerp, Belgium in front of an old church.
Design systems
Visual design
Web design
Product strategy
User research
Usability testing
Design thinking facilitation
No-code development
Chat GPT

When not working, Kaheawai...

Kaheawai in front of a castle in Osaka, Japan.

Travels the world

Having explored captivating destinations across the USA, Belgium, Japan, and Canada, I find inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.

Bacon jam on toast, topped with chives.

Cooks, bakes, and eats everything

I enjoy savoring the delights of Yakiniku and perfecting comfort dishes like Scalloped Potatoes. My favorite thing to bake is my family's Hawaiian butter mochi.

Kaheawai having coffee with his cycling mates.

Cycles and mountain bikes

Growing up in Central Oregon, I got to grow a passion for mountain biking, navigating rugged trails from a young age. I later became a UO Cycling Team member.

A large veggie garden out in a field in Iowa.

Grows organic veggitation

I've always had a green thumb and still enjoy gardening. I used to grow collected fruit seeds, and was at one point the VP of the Astoria Orchid Society.